PledgeMe is New Zealand’s most popular crowdfunding platform, enabling interesting and creative projects to be funded by the community.

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A new way to invest

With over $15 million raised for over 1,160 successful projects, PledgeMe has taken off as the most popular crowdfunding platform in Aotearoa. As PledgeMe’s technology partner, we have enabled projects such as Eat My Lunch, who gift a lunch to a child in need for every lunch they sell, and URBN VINO, an urban winery in Dunedin, to get the funding they needed whilst also building a supportive community. It’s a new and interesting way to look at how we fund products, how we give people an alternative way to manage debt and how we link like-minded investors and companies together.

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Urgent rebuild for performance and stabilisation

In 2013 PledgeMe’s core technology platform needed an urgent overhaul due to performance issues. They came to Ackama and we scoped out a project plan and development timeframe and set about rebuilding the site in Ruby on Rails. Our agile framework regularly delivered features for testing and deployment.

Our rapid rebuild, which included stabilisation, database migration and integration with their payment gateway, meant that PledgeMe could focus on their customers. We took care of the technology so they could plan optimisations and improvements to their service, and promote themselves to larger campaigns with confidence.

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Room to grow

Now that the PledgeMe product is well established we have moved from the development and deployment phase to continuous improvement and optimisation. Since that original Ackama build we have also delivered new platforms for their equity and debt crowdfunding; PledgeMe Equity and PledgeMe Lend.

As their technology partner we support PledgeMe as they continue to grow.

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On-going relationship

Given Ackama’s own start as part of a social enterprise (Enspiral), it was no surprise to find our values and approaches to business aligned with PledgeMe. Breccan, the Ackama CEO, is on the PledgeMe Board, so in addition to being their technology partner we are also trusted advisors. Ackama is proud to be a shareholder in the business, which is constantly growing as a social enterprise.